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CASINO SONALIA : Who are we?

The 5 of us are expert in gambling as we have worked in the most prestigious French casinos. We have tested numerous game techniques and made a comfortable living.

In 1998, we began exploring the maze of online casinos as, playing in real – non-virtual – casinos, it was becoming ever more difficult for us to play in other French casinos. Faced with the complexity and number of swindlers on the Net, we decided in 2004 to build out online casino guide so as to guide you.


Two colours, few numbers and a ball which spins; roulette is still a bit basic when you think about it. Yet, I play almost daily and I do not really see why I will stop. Indeed, why avoid the exhilarating wait when the ivory ball comes to finally rest on one of the boxes. This really special and enjoyable feeling forced me to learn the different strategies. Not so much to win at first, just not to lose often and keep playing as long as possible. I then tested a number of martingales and I learned how to tame the wheel to create luck. With practice, I even managed to win a lot of money.


My father worked all his life in the casino industry. First as a dealer, he became the manager of the room and then director of the establishment. Early on, he taught me all the ropes of the industry. If I never had a career in this industry it is because I love playing too much. I prefer to be outside the system so that the casino can be a passion. Attracted by the challenges, I am particularly interested in baccarat hoping to find a truly effective strategy which it lacks. Currently I am working on a book on my method of how to win this casino classic. I hope to find a publisher soon.


At university, if certain meet the woman of their dreams, for my part I have discovered my greatest passion. Oddly, it was in the statistics class. Yep, I studied mathematics. One day the teacher talked about the blackjack theories of Roger Baldwin and Edward Thorp during a tutorial. I was immediately intrigued by their approach to the game. Thanks to them, the good old 21 is no longer a simple game of chance but rather an abstract puzzle ... almost metaphysical! In addition, if you're talented, you can earn big money. In short, once I caught the virus, I never stopped playing. While I like all the classics of casino, I am still attached to blackjack which is the most famous.


Yes, I am truly passionate about casinos, yet I have rarely set foot in a gambling establishment. I prefer playing on the Internet. This is more immediate and is easy to access. When I want to see a dealer manage the table on which I am playing, no need to move, I just need to choose a casino with live games. Slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack ... these classics are not really my favourite. I play them all and master the majority of the strategies. With bonuses and promotions of different sites, I still manage to get a lot of extra money to play, which makes me win regularly some nice small amounts.

In order to bring you total satisfaction, optimum security, flawless game reliability and a juicy payback percentage, we test each casino before including it in our guide. Each of the selected casinos has to respect high standard in the following criteria :

  • * Game equity
  • * Confidentiality in money transactions
  • * Payment of dues
  • * 24/24, 7/7 help service
  • * In order with the relevant legislation
  • * Registered with international companies

We established contact with the casinos management team and built strong partnership with them so as to guarantee that you will never meet any problem in our selected casinos. We even undertake to defend you against the casino in the unlikely event that a problem would arise.

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