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Bingo is a number game similar to Lotto, Quine and Rifle. It is rather entertaining and very popular worldwide. You will find special rooms dedicated to Bingo in online casinos.

The course of a round

You can generally play 2 forms of Bingo: 75 ball Bingo and 90 ball Bingo. Regardless of your choice you will receive a card at the beginning of the game. You have to guess which numbers will be drawn and write down your guesses on the card. If you mark the numbers similar to the model of the game, you win the round. A game model is a combination of numbers that form a symbol on your card. Some of them are quite difficult to get. The symbols are generally made up of vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. The most frequent game model is the coverall. To win you have to mark all the boxes on your card. Whichever model you are playing, hurry to say "Bingo" when you complete it. If another player says "Bingo" at the same time, you have to share your winnings with him. If he says it before you, you don't win anything. If any of the players says Bingo, the round ends. In case he has obtained a game model he wins the round.

No careless mistakes online

On the internet, you don't have to concentrate in each and every moment. The software marks your boxes and says Bingo for you. Therefore, rest assured you don't risk losing your money due to lack of concentration. There are numerous important gambling sites that allow you to enjoy this exciting and captivating game. Generally, these sites are more profitable than casinos or actual Bingo rooms. In fact, the player payout rate is 95-98% while in actual Bingo rooms it is 75%.

If you want to play Bingo online, check out our selection of the best online bingos. These reliable sites were carefully selected to give you maximum gaming satisfaction. Have a good game and BINGO!

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