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Full Tilt Poker will finally be relaunched

Even though the problems experienced by Fulltilt Poker have lasted particularly long, these seem to have been solved with the recent acquisition by Poker Stars, as reported in this article. Indeed, the online poker card room will be relaunched on 6 November. In addition to the fact that it is now possible to resume playing on Full Tilt Poker, this is great news for the former members of the s... Find out more

PokerStars buys Full Tilt Poker

The Fulltilt Poker affaire has definitely attracted a lot of attention in recent times, from the moment when its licence was suspended by the Alderney Commission until it was purchased by the Bernard Tapie Group. However, this time the case should be close once and for all. Poker Stars has officially acquired the online poker room for $731 million. Thus, the rumors that we mentioned in this art... Find out more

The first judgements on the Black Friday case have been delivered

On Friday, 15 April 2011, the FBI seized the domain names of Pokerstars, Fulltilit Poker and Absolute Poker, as we reported in this article. Now known as ‘Black Friday’, that day has had an extraordinary impact on the online gambling industry all over the world, in particular causing the collapse of some major websites and forcing others to leave the American market. Numerous important names i... Find out more

The alarming situation of the French online poker market

In June 2010, France liberalised its online gambling market. While shortly after the football World Cup in South Africa the performance of the sports betting sector were rather disappointing, it seemed that the online poker market could do better. However, two years later, many virtual rooms have been forced to shut down. Several closures this summer In less than a month, we have learned ... Find out more

Poker Stars to buy Fulltilt Poker

After seven months of hard work, last May Bernard Tapie Group announced that it would not take over Fulltilt Poker. At the time, rumors claimed that the online poker room might be acquired by Poker Stars. This now seems to be confirmed by the recent announcement made by Ray Bitar, the CEO of Fulltilt Poker, who is currently under custody in New York. Bitar stated that the discussions between th... Find out more

Bernard Tapie Group will not purchase Full Tilt Poker

Bernard Tapie Group (GBT) has announced that after 7 months of intensive work, the negotiations with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) have collapsed. Thus, the group will not take over the online poker card room Fulltilt Poker. Disagreement between DOJ and GBT The reason behind the failure in the negotiations between the GBT and the DOJ is that there has been a disagreement on the term... Find out more

The results of the survey on the AGCC

A recent independent enquiry stated that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) had acted promptly and proportionately in the Fulltilt Poker case. The facts Following the Black Friday events, the online poker room Full Tilt Poker had its license suspended by AGCC, as reported in this other post. Several hearings have then been organised - and took eventually place - to determine... Find out more

Yet another suspect from Black Friday pleads guilty

Ira Rubin is managing a group dealing with remittances from online poker rooms in the United States. Accused of money laundering and wire fraud, he just pleaded guilty to the charges against him, like the Absolute Poker co-founder, announced in this recent post. The role of Ira Rubin’s company The firm managed by Ira Rubin worked with Pokerstars, Fulltilit Poker and Absolute Poker, three... Find out more

Absolute Poker co-founder pleads guilty

The co-founder of the virtual poker room Absolute Poker, Brent Beckley, has just decided to plead guilty on all charges against him. He is accused of fraud and hosting illegal bets online. The events of Black Friday During the famous Black Friday, last April 15th, mentioned in that post, the FBI seized the domain names of 3 major sites in the US market. Today, there is a tendancy to cons... Find out more

AGCC demands an independent survey over the Fulltilt case

Following the Black Friday events mentioned in this article, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) suspended, then revoked the license of Fulltilt Poker. Lastly, the regulator decided to appoint an independent committee to analyse the actions that have been conducted in this case. Full report expected March 2012 This investigation should allow to point out the transparency aroun... Find out more


On-line Poker Selection

If you want to play Poker on the web, then you are definitely on the right page. In online casinos, there are numerous online Poker rooms. Discover our selection to play online poker safely on the internet. We have tested each Poker room, we were in contact with the owners of each site to guarantee the reliability of the games, the fairness of the rounds, the safety of transactions and to make sure you get the money you win. You can instantly download game softwares for free and start playing. But first, we suggest you to read this up to date page for more information.

Game variants

You will have the same exciting and captivating experience you get in land-based Poker rooms. We offer all major card games: Closed Poker (Draw, California Lowfall, Ace-to-Five, Deuce to Seven), community card Poker (Texas Hold'em, Double Hold'em, Omaha, Courchevel, Irish Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple') and Stud ( Cincinnati Kid, Seven-Card Stud, Eight-or-better, Razz). All of them are the best you will find on the internet.

The same procedure

The course of the game is the same online and offline. Before receiving your cards, you have to place 3 types of compulsory bets: small blind/big blind, antes and bring-in. You don't have actual Poker chips but the software has an easy-to-use betting feature. After placing your bets you receive your cards. Check your hand carefully and look for a combination: Pair, Two pair, Three-of-a-kind, Straight, Flush, Full house, Four-of-a-kind, Straight flush, Royal straight flush. Video poker has the same hands. Then the betting round starts. You can choose from these four options: to call, to raise, to fold or under certain conditions to check. In a good game, you can win the Pot which is the total of the bets already placed by other players at the centre of the poker table.

A few tips

Before starting to play cash games, you need to master poker rules. Start playing without betting real money. Once you have mastered the rules you can play for real. Your strategy and play style will gradually improve and you may become a Poker star one day!

In online casinos you can often choose between online flash Poker and virtual rooms where you need to download software. The two options both have their own advantages. Before starting a round, don't forget to decide which type of Poker game you wish to play.

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