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Online Payment with Ukash

Available in Great Britain, Ireland, Spain and Germany, Ukash is the new means of online payment, is only available in Euros and Pounds. Thanks to it you no longer need a credit card.

You want to enjoy this service. Visit the company’s website. Fill out the form and pay in cash or by bank transfer. The company then sends you an email or SMS. Consisting of 19 digits. Register it during the payment on any site offering Ukash. You will find the list on the website: http://www.ukash.com/.

The service offers a wide range of vouchers: 10 €, 20 €, 50 €, 100 €, 150 €, 250 € and 500 €. On the voucher you’ll find a 19 digit number, a 12 months expiry date and its value. It is obtained immediately. You neither have to go through long registration nor wait for your card’s arrival.

Ukash is also secure, fast and easy as spending cash. You do not have a bank statement, fees or charges. They even give you change. Without having to use your credit card, you no longer have to fear fraudsters.

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