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Credit Cards

Deposit at online casinos with your credit card

If there is a multitude of ways to make a deposit at online casinos, crediting your account with a credit card is by far the quickest method of payment and the most secure in the market.

Within no time you can make a deposit with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Security is guaranteed an agreement between the major credit groups, making a deposit with a credit card is the safest way to credit your casino account with confidence.

To do this, simply save the number of credit cards in the casino account. You will then be requested some information in order to know the identity of the credit card’s holder, the 16 digits number of the card ,the expiration date 4 digits (for example: November 2009, so 1109), the CVV2 number, i.e. the 3-digit number found on the back of credit cards.

Most definitely, you will be asked the type of credit card you use: Visa, MasterCard or American Express and address of the cardholder.

Once your credit card is saved, nothing simpler than to go to the cashier of the online casino, enter the amount you want debited from your credit card. One more thing to know, 20 Euros is the minimum amount to deposit. There are several maximum limits depending on the online casinos and they can be modified with additional documents.

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