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  • London gaming clubs are preferred over casinos in Paris

London gaming clubs are preferred over casinos in Paris

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London gaming clubs are preferred over casinos in Paris
Written by Peter Lacazio on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The government has just ruled out the possible legalisation of land-based casinos in Paris. We have mentioned this project already in our articles, but the possibility has now been ruled out completely. Instead of land-based casinos, it will now be gaming clubs modelled after the London clubs. To find out what is really behind this issue, I invite you to read the following news below.

Judicial scandals surround the gaming circles

For some years now, the gaming circles of Paris have been making the headlines. In fact, several judicial scandals have recently led to the closure of most of them, one after another. This was the reason why the government had the idea of proposing the legalisation of one or more casinos in the capital. Furthermore, such establishments would bring a lot money into the city through tax revenues, and it would also align Paris with the capitals of the continent of which almost all offer casinos. Nevertheless, the government has set aside this idea now, following the submission of the report by the Prefect Jean-Pierre Duport, President of the Gaming Commission.

The report of Jean-Pierre Duport

Sponsored by Bernard Cazeneuve, the Minister for the Interior, the report was intended to make proposals for a legal offer of games in Paris. In the first proposal the report campaigned for the legalisation of land-based casinos in the capital. In the second proposal it suggested the creation of gaming clubs based on those that already exist in London. This proposal won the votes of the government. Bernard Cazeneuve wishes to move quickly forward with this issue, and he will set up a schedule before the summer, so that these establishments can open early next year. Additionally, the report from Jean-Pierre Duport considers that these gaming clubs are commercial companies, and they will be subject to a tax that is going to be relatively similar to that of brick and mortar casinos. This would be an important difference to the gaming circles that were registered associations according to the Act of 1901.

A lack of enthusiasm in Paris

Initially, the government and Jean-Pierre Duport seemed to be in favour of the legalisation of one or more land-based casinos in the capital. However, due to the lack of enthusiasm of the elected representatives of the city of Paris, they gradually changed their minds. The town hall representative Anne Hidalgo announced from the beginning that she would not be in favour of this reform. The opposition leader Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet also declared that she is opposed to the project. The politician even accused the majority that they are considering the possibility of legalising casinos solely for financial reasons.

Financial compensation for other casinos

The report from Jean-Pierre Duport also mentioned other points that speak against the opening of one or more land-based casinos in Paris. This measure could result in important economic implications for all establishments that are near the capital. This would mean that financial compensation should be offered to the casinos in Enghien-les-Bains in the Val d'Oise and Forges-les-Eaux in Seine-Maritime.


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