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  • The first judgements on the Black Friday case have been delivered

The first judgements on the Black Friday case have been delivered

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The first judgements on the Black Friday case have been delivered
Written by Peter Lacazio on Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On Friday, 15 April 2011, the FBI seized the domain names of Pokerstars, Fulltilit Poker and Absolute Poker, as we reported in this article. Now known as ‘Black Friday’, that day has had an extraordinary impact on the online gambling industry all over the world, in particular causing the collapse of some major websites and forcing others to leave the American market. Numerous important names in the industry have also been brought to justice. The first verdicts have just been delivered.

14 months of imprisonment for Brent Beckley

In this article, we reported that Brent Beckley, the co-founder of Absolute Poker, decided to plead guilty to the charges against him, including money laundering, illegal gambling and bank fraud. His trial has just come to a conclusion. He was sentenced to 14 months of imprisonment and given a fine of 300,000 dollars.

3 years of imprisonment for Ira Rubin

In this piece, we mentioned the case of Ira Rubin, the head of a company that deals with the transfer of funds from online poker rooms within the United States. Accused of money laundering and electronic fraud, he decided to plead guilty. Rubin has been sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment and will have to pay a fine of 5 million dollars.


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