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  • Casinos may soon be allowed again in Paris

Casinos may soon be allowed again in Paris

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Casinos may soon be allowed again in Paris
Written by Clémence Valendrin on Friday, April 3, 2015

In order to replace the gambling clubs, that were involved in a series of scandals that led to the closure of most of them, the idea of ??launching a land-based casino in Paris has resurfaced. The French government has just set up a group to study this hypothesis. Led by the former warden of the Île-de-France, Jean-Pierre Duport, the group will have to present a report before the end of the month.

Fixing the legal status of the clubs or authorising the establishment of casinos in Paris

Casinos are currently prohibited by law in the capital of France. The only authorised facilities are the gambling clubs. The legal status and mode of operation of some gambling clubs have contributed to the emergence of fraud and various other offences. As a result, the French government is now re-examining whether to fix the legal status of gambling clubs or otherwise authorise the establishment of casinos in Paris. The challenge of the study group is to decide between these two proposals.

A series of judicial scandals

The gambling clubs in Paris have been making the headlines of news for several years now. We cannot count the number of times that Concorde, Wagram, Cadet, Eldo and ACF, have had some trouble with the law. Since 2007, a total of 13 clubs have also been forced to close their doors, and police investigations continue, mostly on scams.

The most likely option

According to many experts in the industry of gambling in France, there is little chance that the study group will recommend fixing the laws surrounding the gambling clubs. Because of this, it is more likely that land-based casinos in Paris will re-appear. However, no decision has yet been made yet. The mission is now to hear opinions of industry professionals and political leaders of the capital. Some elected officials will probably strongly criticise the establishment of casinos in Paris, because of possible disturbances of public order. Nevertheless, two facts should be taken into account. The first is that casinos exist in nearly 200 cities in France without this particular problem. The second is that such establishments would contribute a lot of money through taxes, both to the state and the city. According to estimates, this would amount to nearly 30 million euros every year.


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