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10 Tips for Making Blackjack More Fun and Profitable

Even without using any strategy, blackjack is a rather fun and profitable casino game. Nevertheless, I propose in this article 10 tips to make it even more enjoyable. With these simple methods, your rounds should be even more fun and earn you money regularly.

10 - Find a game where the bets suit you

All blackjack tables do not offer the same betting limits. So before you start playing, you had better find those that suit you most. To do this, simply check out the lobby of your favourite online casinos and go directly to the games they offer.

9 - Always split your pair of aces or 8

The basic strategy tells us it is always best to split your hand into two different games when you have a pair of aces or a pair of 8. It is indeed an option that offers the best chance of winning.

8 - Choose the tables where the dealer stops with a soft 17

In all games of blackjack, the dealer does not necessarily stop on the same hand. Indeed, he should mostly get a 17; the latter may be either hard or soft. In the first case, if the dealer's hand does not have an ace then his hand will be 17. But, in the second, an ace allows the game to be either 7 or 17. Playing at a table where the dealer must stop even with a soft 17 allows you to win more regularly.

7 - Stop with any hand that could burn if the dealer's visible card is 4, 5 or 6

If the dealer has a 4, 5 or 6 as a visible card, there is a strong probability that he will have more than 21.So if you can also burn by drawing a new card, it is better to pass, giving you a good chance of winning.

6 - Give a tip to the dealer

If you are playing in a land casino or in a virtual casino offering live games, I advise you to tip the dealer. This of course will cost you some money but the dealer will be happy. He would then create a good ambiance on the table and maybe give you some advice.

5 - Play on a table where you can double with any two cards

If it is still possible to double with a hand of 2 cards up to 10 or 11, some blackjack tables allow you to choose this option with any set of 2 cards. These tables have a lower house edge of 0.2%.I suggests you play only on this type of blackjack game.

4 - Double with an Ace if the dealer has a 6

The best time to enjoy the possibility of doubling is when you have an ace and the dealer has a 6. In this case, please take this option, unless of course your second card is a 9 or 10.You then have a great hand.

3 - Play with your friends

Playing blackjack with a group of friends is a fun experience. In addition, it helps make the ambiance less tense. I also suggest you organize a small competition where the winner buys dinner for the whole group.

2 - Have a picture of the basic strategy

If you are not completely comfortable with the basic strategy in blackjack, you can still enjoy its benefits. In fact, just have a summary of the table. During each round, simply check the option that has the best chance of winning.

1 - Avoid tables where blackjack pays 6 to 5

The standard payment for a hand of 21 with 2 cards amounts to 3 to 2. Nevertheless, there are also tables that offer only a payment of 6 to 5.Such tables should be avoided since they are far less interesting for the player.

Written by Peter Lacazio
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